Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Rinse. Then Bark Like a Dog.

I couldn't resist having some fun with this one....

A British man recently underwent two hours of dental work without anesthetic, after agreeing to be hypnotized, according to reports.

Leslie Mason said that the only pain he felt while having two rotten teeth and four roots removed was "a little sting". I guess you could call this procedure a sting operation.

First, the hypnotist spend 45 minutes helping Mr Mason to relax by encouraging him to think about his hobby of historic battle re-enactments. If that doesn't work, he can try thinking about natural disasters.

Then, the dentist removed two upper right molars and their roots, as well as two roots from teeth that had been taken out two decades previously. Just take a little off the top today, doc.

Dr Bhavin Bhatt, who performed the surgery, said that the use of hypnosis "was 100 percent effective". He said that more investigation will be done into the possibility of using the technique for tooth transplants. Or you can just hypnotize the patients into thinking they had nice smiles.

When I snap my fingers this blog post will come to an end...

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