Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

If I were still working in radio, I would dedicate that 1980 Pat Benatar classic to New Jersey's Registered Dental Hygienists who will soon be administering local injections throughout the Garden State.

That's right. Here's the official letter to the members of the New Jersey Dental Hygienists' Association:

Greetings Colleagues,

Wednesday, August 6, 2008 was great day for the Dental Hygienists in New Jersey.

The Board of Dentistry voted UNANIMOUSLY to pass the regulations for Local Anesthesia expanding our scope of practice. There were no negative comments received.

This has been a very long process - 20 plus years with numerous persons working toward this day.I congratulate and thank all who played a role in any way to achieve this additional procedure for the treatment and the comfort of our patients.

The next step is the publication of the regulations in the Register and they become effective after that. This may take just a few short months. It was noted that schools may begin getting their Local Anesthesia programs in place.

Winnie Furnari, RDH, MS, FAADH
New Jersey Dental Hygienists’ Assoc

It should be noted that until this recent development, New Jersey was one of only 10 states in the U.S. that did not allow local anesthesia administration by a registered dental hygienist - So much for being at the forefront of progressive thinking, but better late than never.

Rumor has it that New Jersey Hygienists got the approval only after they agreed to pump their own gas, but those of us who live here know that hell would have to freeze over and Bruce Springsteen would have move to Delaware before that would ever happen.

Speaking of local anesthesia, I've had the pleasure of helping to launch a new local anesthesia delivery device which was invented by a “main street” dentist, is about the size of a power toothbrush and costs less than $500 for the full introductory kit.

The patent-pending, FDA-registered ACCUPAL® Comfortable Palatal Injection System is a cordless, compact, handheld device that effectively pre-conditions the oral tissue to receive virtually pain-free palatal or other intraoral dental injections that were previously unobtainable via manual injections or through the use of other devices.

ACCUPAL Full Text Press Release

One of the things I like most about my job is launching new companies and products - especially when the company principals are as sincere and enthusiastic as Dr. Michael Zweifler and Jim Motl of ACCUPAL. You'll be hearing a lot more from them in the months and years ahead.
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