Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Face Book for Dentists?

I recently came across a new social media site targeted to new dentists named

Founded by New Jersey expatriate and practicing Ashland, Oregon dentist Dan Marut, DMD, is described as "the must-join social & professional network for dentists of all specialties."

Should you join? I did because as a dental industry marketer I'm interested in learning more about the specific needs, concerns and insights of newly-minted dentists and forward-thinking veterans who are shaping the future of the profession.

By the way, Dr. Marut explained to me via e-mail that the name NewDocs was chosen to represent the site's focus on new ideas, new thinking, new sharing, etc. claims it will help cut through the online noise and provide a superior online networking forum. From what I see so far, this is not hype. is well-designed, easy to navigate and has some cool functions and services such as the ability to assist with the management of study clubs, associations or groups.

According to, "Almost every association has a website. But does every association have a thriving online community backed by the latest social networking technology geared toward the niche area dentistry represents? The likely answer is no. It takes time, money and an IT savvy individual to maintain a truly up to date and useful online resource."

The site explains further, "Dental associations can build their own social networks or groups on for free, and choose whether they are open to the public or private for association members-only. You can even host your own study clubs online and completely free on NewDocs." membership is free and provides access to an ever expanding library of information and downloads about insurance, HR practices, accounting, billing, personnel manuals, interview questionnaires, CV samples and more.

The site also allows new dentists to interact with seasoned dental industry veterans via online communities or via KOL-authored blogs. Think of it as virtual mentoring.

There is also an industry classified section that includes job postings and equipment for sale listings. is definitely worth a closer look no matter how long you've been in dentistry.
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