Sunday, December 5, 2010

Marketing Lessons Learned From The Wizard of Oz

Last week during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, TBS aired the "Wizard of Oz" on three consecutive nights.

Not only is this classic movie one of my favorites, there's a lot of marketing wisdom dispensed during the journey down the Yellow Brick Road. For example:

  • Tornadoes Happen. Whether it be a missed deadline, losing a client or a product recall. "Tornadoes" will wreak havoc on your best laid plans and campaigns. Be prepared, be flexible and react quickly but rationally. Have a crisis management plan. And now more than ever, don't allow your business to become dependent on one client. 

  • We're not in Kansas anymore! Social media has changed the way we communicate with clients, prospects and stakeholders. We've stepped out of the black and white world of one-way communication and into the Technicolor world of engagement and dialogue...Although lack of control can be scary at times.

  • Beware of flying monkeys. There will always be those who swoop down to pick apart your strategic plans and creative concepts. Prepare yourself with any relevant research and have notes prepared before you present your big idea. Then stand your ground and let those damn monkeys swoop. 

  • Are you a good witch or a bad witch? In Oz, this questions means "Do you employ white hat search engine optimization tactics or black hat SEO tactics?"  Hopefully, you are a good witch. Otherwise you run the risk of Google dropping a house on you...figuratively speaking of course.

  • A brain, a heart, the nerve. It takes all three to be an effective, well-rounded marketing professional. Especially since there's no budget to hire three more people...even if they can sing and dance.

Did I miss anything? Let me know what marketing lessons you've learned from the Wizard of Oz.
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