Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Trickle-Down Turkeynomics

If you are able to spend Thanksgiving with your family and afford the big bird and all the trimmings, be truly thankful 'cause times are tough.

How tough? A few days ago the Food Bank of Monmouth and Ocean County (NJ) announced that it desperately needed 1,500 turkeys to help all the needy families in Monmouth and Ocean Counties.

Why so many turkeys? Several reasons come to mind:
  • More people are out of work - The sad simple truth.
  • More families are on tighter budgets and need that supermarket bonus bird that they used to donate.
  • Some supermarkets are limiting the free turkey to one per family, so there are fewer turkeys to donate.
A lot of companies and individuals are doing what they can. My employer Lanmark360  has been a supporter of the Food Bank of Monmouth and Ocean County for decades. We've always been able to provide a respectable amount of non-perishable food and donations for a small company, but turkey wrangling is not our forte.

Not to worry. One group of diverse independent business owners united by their membership to the Freehold NJ Network for Success has been using social media to rally other networking group members and family and friends alike to donate actual turkeys or checks for the purchase of turkeys and other food items.

Using the Bella Vista Country Club in Marlboro as a command center to collect funds and fowl, other Freehold NJ Network for Success group members are using their limousines, panel vans, or personal transportation to shuttle back and forth from the Bella Vista HQ to the Food Bank.

It's a well-oiled, good cause machine engineered by some big-hearted business owners such as Anthony Beshara, owner of the Bella Vista Country Club; Bill Algokce, owner of Bridge Financial Group; and John and Wendy Bruzzese; the owners of Synergy Events.

I've met these people and many others through my wife Debbie, who is a member of this group, and they are a genuine and generous bunch to say the least.

The last I heard, they are only a few hundred turkeys short of their goal...but we are quickly coming down the wire! Want more info on how you can help? There is a specific Facebook page set up for the cause.

If you are able to help in some way, take some time to be thankful and do your best to pay it forward.
Happy Thanksgiving!
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